Can I Scoutbook even if new pack doesn't?

We have a Webelos 2 who has his advancements since Tiger (with two separate packs) logged in ScoutBook. We moved to a third pack that doesn’t track advancements online. Is there a way for me to continue to track him in ScoutBook on my own? And what do we do about transferring him out of last year’s pack? I don’t want to lose all those records if the prior pack removes him from the den.

As long as you fill out the application exactly the same it should all match up - and even if the unit does not use scoutbook, if you are parent you should still be able to see the scout in the unit in scoutbook once registered.

If the Unit is in the same council - you can try this transfer - other wise you would use IF the unit has it setup
MYST Transfer tool.pdf (222.1 KB)

But at the pack level, can a parent mark advancement without the scout being assigned to a den?

No that would fail - but could see when adventures were entered by council - LOL if council enters them - I cannot believe a council is allowing units to NOT track things in some way online.


You would need the new pack to assign the Scout to a den in Scoutbook.

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