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New pack doesn't use Scoutbook

My son recently moved from a Cub Scout Pack in Nebraska that used Scoutbook to a Cub Scout Pack in Virginia which doesn’t use Scoutbook. When he was registered into the new pack, he was automatically added to their Scoutbook roster. Their roster shows 30 scouts, but no dens and leaders, who are all listed as pending. Because the new pack never activated their Scoutbook account, I lost all access to his advancement. He’s rank is listed as Tiger, so I can click on my son’s name and see his Tiger info, but when I try to click on a Wolf Adventure to see the requirements or update his progress, it kicks me back to my administration page because he’s no longer in a Wolf den. It also removed all the awards that Wolves are eligible to earn such as the Wolf emergency preparedness and shooting sports award, the latter of which my son had completed.

I have talked to the Scoutmaster about joining Scoutbook and he seems open to the idea, but he’s also the kind of person who never returns emails. It’s there anything I can do if the pack never joins Scoutbook?

Did he get a new BSA ID or did they transfer the one from Nebraska? They may need to merge his ID’s on the backend. I would log a ticket with Support to investigate. It has nothing to do with the new Pack using Scoutbook or not.

As far as I know he has the same BSA number

I would recommend talking to the pack’s Advancement Chair or Committee Chair. Someone from the pack would need to create the dens in Scoutbook, assign your Cub Scout to the correct den (Wolf), and approve his membership with the den. They could also check to see if he was assigned a new BSA number by the new council in Virginia.

Have you tried to access his account with the phone app? That might give you access while you wait on the leaders to implement Scoutbook.
Or better yet, go to the Advancement or Committee chair and volunteer to set it up for the pack. That is what I did several years ago for our pack. It isn’t very hard, just need the Internet advancement password, and the database sync will take care of getting the scouts up-to-date with what has been reported. Also never have heard of any committee turning down volunteers. :slight_smile:

In order to use Internet Advancement 2.0 (new version), an adult has to be registered with the unit (pack, troop, etc.) and registered in a particular position (unit Key 3) or designated as a Key 3 Delegate or Unit Advancement Chair.

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