Can not get into internet advancement

I can not get into Internet Advancement. It says I do not have the correct role. Even though my,scouting and scoutbook list me as an advisor, key 3. This is stopping me from rechartering. We recharter in September.
Thank you for your help.

There’s an issue that the developers are working on. The major discussion seems to be occurring here: Unable to access Internet Advancement all of a sudden

That said, the best advice is to subscribe to the IA and Scoutbook change logs to get notification when the fix get pushed. There’s currently no public ETA for the fix.

My wife and I also just lost access to Internet Advancement today. It only gives us parent access. I’m committee chair and she is the Scoutmaster. We have entered many events and now suddenly it only lists us as a parent. We can add events, but not add any other members to the event. This happened sometime after the beginning of July, we added summer camp.

@ThomasSmith20 - have you clicked on the designation in the upper right? It should drop down with roles/units.

@ThomasSmith20 How are you logging in to Internet Advancement?

My path:

  1. Log in at my.scouting.
  2. Menu → BSA Web Links → Internet Advancement 2.0

You are registered as a Committee Chair for a troop, so you should be able to get in. Your wife’s registration as Scoutmaster should also allow her in.