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Can Not see anything for pack on app

We have our cub scout registered on Scoutbook. I can not see any events or achievements or anything on the dashboard. The cubmaster can see him on her end. If we can’t see anything we don’t know events and we can’t get his achievements accomplished. Thanks!

If you post your scout’s BSA ID (no name needed), then that can help the SUAC folks get started trying to debug the issue. The BSA ID is available via your Scoutbook account from:

My Dashboard → Administration → My Family → Scout’s Name → Edit Profile

Then, scroll down until you see the BSA ID/Member # and the Scoutbook UserID fields like this:

If you post the BSA ID (or the UserID if the BSA ID is blank), that will help get things rolling.

I made the larzfish user and only saw it was my info. So I added on the user today Marijo.Lawrence to add my scouts info. And I still don’t see anything linked.

Marijo.Lawrence 13651462
larzfish 13651461

@ElijahDecker What is the pack number?

Looks like the positions in Scoutbook were ended I have setup a sync for 4pm CST today to repair it

The pack is pack 863

@ElijahDecker Your Scout is in the correct pack now. You will need to ask a Pack Admin to assign him to a den in Scoutbook.

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