Can not unapprove Life rank for a scout

Last year we had a scout earn his Star rank, so we marked the rank as approved and sent in his board of review paperwork. Shortly afterwards, his Life rank was marked complete by “BSA Administrator” with an earned date of four days earlier than he earned his Star rank. We do not seem to be able to correct this.

When clicking on the blue checkbox next to “Earned” on the Life page to try to unapprove it, a message pops up stating “Requirement #3 for merit badges should be approved before you can complete this rank.”. Can you please tell me how to unapprove the rank or can someone here help? While on the Life rank page for the scout, the URL contains ScoutUserID=652480 as part of the URL, if that helps.

Please DM me if you need more details.

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@JeffreyHoover can you click on the box > erase date > uncheck approve?

you also might need to backdoor unapprove it through - pretty sure what happened is your council got the report with Star on it and entered Life in their system - as Life has a date 4 days before star - SB would not allow that

Hello Donovan,

Thank you for replying. Unfortunately, there are no options when we click on the box. A message pops up that states: "Requirement #3 for merit badges should be approved before you can complete this rank. " and doesn’t allow us to do anything. I will look into to see if we can correct it there.

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I found the button to unapprove the rank in Thank you for pointing me in that direction.

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