Leader Approved checkbox not appearing for Life rank advancement

Just one Scout. Saw this reported previously: the membership for this scout is approved. I even unchecked and checked approved to see if that would clear it: it did not. BSA ID is 131320440, SB ID is 2478052. Our advancement chair is going to get all badges/patches for our CoH next Monday and can’t generate the complete list with out that “leader approved” and “awarded” checkboxes. Thanks.

@ChristopherVargas - is that on the needs approval report ?

I think the Cit Community MB needs to be approved first @ChristopherVargas


I don’t see anything wrong in his record in the DB. Would you be OK if I made myself an admin in your troop so I can see if there is anything strange from the SB side?

100% ok—thanks so much for the help!

Thanks so much @DonovanMcNeil —that did the trick. @edavignon no need to go in and fix anything

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