Weird missing record

Ok I have a scout who is going for Eagle. He has dates for all his advancements in his record but it only shows him registered for the past two years. His record in registrar tools are the same. The unit says he is registered for a number of years

His MID is 14110304 it has an attached SB account there is a second sb account that was merged into this one that shows the same two years.

I find him on an early rechsrter

with id number 134244237

we have searched registrar tools and vst and cannot find this record.

Any thoughts SUAC wizards?? We are sending in na support ticket but wanted your thoughts


BSA 134244237 shows the Scout registered starting 05/01/2017.

For some reason, he switched to BSA 14110304 starting 02/01/2022. Same troop number and council.

can you see his old record at all. We have no visibility and it is causing eagle verification issues.

@RonFedele Yes, I can see it in the VST.


MID 134244237 is in Silicon Valley Monterey Bay Council (055)
MID 14110304 is in Golden Gate Council (023)

This is why you can’t see 134244237. You will probably need to work this through a national member care ticket.

Thank you @edavignon

It looks like this youth did not recharter accidenty in 2021. The record got allocated to SVMBC due to address. Our registrar did not go out and find his old record and just created a new one.

I need Scoutbook Support. I was in Scoutbook and was able to see the three units, I typically am able to see. However, then as I was doing some training on, my scoutbook content has almost entirely disappeareed. I joined the discussion forum, which I have never used before, but I am unable to post a fresh post.

I am able to access only internet advancement. But only view one of my units. My member ID is: 12635987.

I am committee chair of Pack 74, Narragansett Council, and also of Pack 645, Samoset Council, and should be connected to Troop 74 as parent of my oldest son.

Someone in my council resolved my multiples and this was working as of maybe 1 hour ago?

As of now, when I open Scoutbook all I see is:

My Account

but clicking on my Account only shows SB User ID: 13513999, when I should be able to see my picture.



Felicia Carboni


Part of your issue is that you are registered in 2 councils. This means you have 2 BSA Member IDs. Scoutbook only supports 1 BSA Member ID.

You have 3 options.

  1. Use Manage Member ID in (MYST) to switch the primary MID before logging in to Scoutbook and maintaining 2 Scoutbook accounts.
  2. Create a 2nd MYST ID, one for each MID then use the MYST account associated with the Scoutbook account to log in.
  3. Have 1 Scoutbook account. A unit admin from the unit without the MID in SB will need to manually add your position. It will have a :warning: when anyone looks at the roster because the MID does not match what is on the roster.

No solution is ideal, however, because you are registered in 2 Councils this is the best we can do.



For now I have fixed the issue where your data seems to have disappeared. Your Scoutbook account is currently set with your Naragansett Council MID.

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