Can’t log in to scoutbook

I am unable to log on to Scoutbook using the same username and password that I use for How do I fix this?

@ElizabethPavlinsky - do you get an error message? What exactly happens?

Well you need to talk to council as you have 2 BSA#s for 2 registered positions - Are you using bethXXXXX or bethXXXX2 ?

When I transferred councils, I was issued a new BSA ID.
I can only log onto scoutbook using the old bsa I’d number. I need to be able to log on with the new number. I need to be able to log on to the account with beth*****2 as the username.

The message I get is “invalid username or pw provided” but I’m using my accurate up to date username and password.

what is your current BSA # cause for some reason what I am seeing does not add up

I should not have any registered positions under the bethXXX account. I’ve not been in that council for two years.

that is what is confusing - you have registered positions with greater yosemite with both

My current BSA ID is 137090905, and should be associated w Greater Yosemite Council.

@ElizabethPavlinsky doing some research one this. please poke this thread Friday so I can clean it up

Any success solving this puzzle?
Thank you!

Actually, I think it is all straightened out now. I just need the CM to link me back up to my den. Thank you!

@ElizabethPavlinsky I cleaned it up - on of you Scouts has a few users - let me look at that too

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