Parents cannot log in

2 of our new parents cannot log in. I think I need both accounts reset. Who do I contact for this?

Look at their edit profile page and get the scoutbook user ID or bsa member number for us (no names), and we can check.

BSA# 137365706 and BSA#135610359

Thank you!

Are they getting a particular error message when they try to log in?

The first logs in but is in her scout account. The second just can’t log in and the password recovery is not working for her.

For the first one, she has set up both an Apple login and a Google login. The Apple login should take her to the right account. The other one is associated with a different council. So, I’d assume she lives close to a council boundary. Which council are you actually in?

For the second one, you gave me a youth, PS. His mother is TS. She last logged in in 2020 with a username that is like firstnamelastname.

We are having an issue also was a parent not being able to get in. 136047799 10851386 Any help would be appreciated

She is able to login to scoutbook is the issue.

@CraigGiffin, what happens if she tries logging in to Scoutbook using the same credentials from

She get user not found error I believe. We have tried using google and bsa login to no avail.

So, if I understood your initial post correctly, the parent has two BSA ID numbers, or does one of those belong to their scout?

If both of those BSA ID’s “belong” to the parent, can you post the BSA ID (no names) for the scout to whom she should be connected? I recently had a parent who had associated their email address with their scout when they created an account at, and it had fouled up a lot of things in Scoutbook. We’re still working on resolving that issue. Some of the symptoms sound familiar, so I’m wondering if it’s something like that going on here.

not that I know of. the first number was bsa # and the second was userid

the scout’s bsa number is 136047798

@CraigGiffin This parent has 2 BSA member numbers with different dates of birth.

I will send you a private message.

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