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Wiped clean?

I have been trying to log into my account, when I do nothing shows up. None of my units (I’m a Scoutmaster for a Troop and a Committee Chair for a pack), not my children, none of my training. Nothing… I don’t even know where to begin to try to figure out what happened.

Did you fill out a new application? Sounds like a second BSA Number. Look at Edit profile and make note of you BSA# in Scoutbook. Then go to and look at your BSA# in Profile and also in Member Manager. Do they all match?

@SuzanneMillen did they all match? or was there a missmatch?

They were all matching up, until I looked at the pack. I have twin boys so now I’m also a lion adult partner times two, so now a total of 3 numbers.

you know how to solve it? get all the numbers then go to - Sign in - go to Legacy Tools - Manage Member ID - Make your main login primary

Thank you I’m going to try it right now.

I’m getting an error message :frowning:

yeah there are issues with systems - your registrar might be able to do it for you

@SuzanneMillen - if you attempted this while in scoutbook, bet advice is to open a new browser window, then go direct to and try there as that worked for me.

in a second browser if you have one