Can’t log on

Help!! I have not been able to log in to scout book for a month. When I enter my password the circle just keeps spinning. I have tried different devices, brow changed my password. Please help

@JenniferMiller5 posting your BSA # is a good first step to help us help you

@JenniferMiller5 - indeed the bsa id will help. Was there anything that may have changed in the last month? Like going from parent to registered leader ?

@JenniferMiller5 I sent you a private message.

Hi! I have a scout having the same issue. SHe was dropped from my scoutbook account somehow, I got someone on the forum to reinstate her, but now when she tries to log on, it says her password is invalid, and when she clicks to reset her password it will not let her. Her id# is 13816203. Can you help? Thank you!

@KatieDaughenbaugh I am going to send you a private message

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