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Trouble logging in

I have a parent that is having difficulty logging into her account. This is the email I received:
I am having a difficult time getting back into Scoutbook. I’ve tried multiple times to change my password to log in, ( I forgot the password I had before as well as the username). When I request to change my password, it sends me the link, which when I click on it, it will not ever load the security questions no matter how long it runs. This has happened several times in a row.

If you are a Scoutbook Unit Admin, can you post the User ID from their account? It can be found by navigating to the roster, then to their scout’s name, then to the parent’s name, then to their profile.

Also, if the parent has a BSA ID listed, can you post that? It might help the folks from SUAC locate the problematic account. No names or other identifying information should be necessary, but if it is, they’ll ask for it on a private channel.

Their User ID is 11875800 BSA ID is 13858078

Robin, I sent you a private message for more information.

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