Scouts cannot retrieve their accounts in SB

Hi hi,
we have scouts who cannot log in by using their BSA ID information and try to retrieve their accounts but after entering the BSA ID and date of birth, it popped up with a message "account not found.”

Can you kindly check the below two BSA IDs of two scouts, and advise if anything we can help to fix when other scouts have the same problem in my troop?

BSA IDs: 137158118 and 137158128


@KittyTam The first one needs to click the log in with Google button since they have activated Google sign in.

For the second, I made a slight change, but I’m not sure if that’ll do it. They already have a username which is an email address. They can try typing forgot password into the chatbot on to reset it.

@KittyTam If the second Scout is unable to log in, you might need to contact your local council and ask them to reset the Scout’s password.

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