Can’t post activity... error message

getting an error message when I try to post service hours…

@MatthewWells - I just tried an entry for my son both from the unit side and as a parent and had no issues with the entry nor the 1.5 hours.

Can you outline the exact trail of entry ?

Create activity, save.
Go back in, add Scouts, add 1.5 hours under Basic
Fails for 2 hours, too

@MatthewWells - using your method I was able to replicate your error. Hopefully this will be checked.

Several in our troop are having same issue, how do we report it?

fyi…Looks like it was fixed

Still not fixed… For a month (since I started trying on October 11th), every time I enter an activity and go to save (tried both Camping and Service hours) it says “Error Not Allowed”. Nothing is highlighted in red. No way to fix or get around the error (tried more/fewer participants, tried more/fewer hours/different addresses, activity codes, etc) If you try to “Record and Finish” multiple times it eventually says they are having trouble with the servers – switch to offline and try again later. Terrible user interface – wouldn’t pass in any real world business. No explanation of what the error really is, no flagging of a field in red to show you what is wrong, …

@ECScouter - what is your registered position in the unit ?

Scoutmaster, signed in as Scoutmaster…

@ECScouter - could you post your BSA ID as that may help figure out the issue. As committee chair I have been able to post all sorts of new log entries.