COR cannot set an Executive Officer in the Position Manager

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Troop 170, Central Georgia Council 96
In My.scouting’s position manager, we do not have an Executive Officer. The field is blank. Our Executive Officer, BSA ID 140632197 is listed as a Committee Member. Using the Position Manager, our COR can remove her as a committee member, but cannot populate her in the Executive Officer position and then save the screen. She is successfully listed as the EO for the Pack and the Crew, but within the Troop position manager, the system will not let us populate the position. Our council has had significant issues with our recharter (not on our end) and our Troop was offline until April 18. They have been unsuccessful at getting our EO populated so we are trying to fix the issue on the unit end, but cannot get it to work. We have several Scouts who are trying to come into the unit, but the online system does not seem to be working for us to bring in Scouts despite having online applications turned on and I suspect this issue has something to do with it. What can we do to get our Executive Officer correctly populated?
Amanda Cook, Advancement Chair, Troop 170, Central Georgia Council 96

@AmandaCook I would assume that is set by Charter - it is something to ask council about I think

@AmandaCook - in our council it is a new unit app used to change the EO and they should be the same person for each unit under the charter partner like the COR.

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We submitted a new adult application when this EO came into the position in the fall of 2023. She was placed as EO in all three units. For some reason, she is not connected properly in the Troop, but she is in both the Pack and Crew.

Council has been trying to solve the issue for months, unfortunately.

then they need to send in a national membercare ticket

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@AmandaCook - it would have been a unit application not an adult application that sets the EO.

Thank you. I’ll circle back to them. Amanda

We are not a new unit. Is this form also used simply to change EO of an existing unit?

@AmandaCook - yes that is what we had to use to change our EO

Yes, what I have been told there is no other form that designates someone an EO/IH. Since that is not a BSA position (does not require YPT for example), they would not fill out a normal adult application.

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Our council now requires YPT for Executive Officers.

That still does not make them members as they don’t pay the fee, nor have the background check.

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When we changed CO locations in 2020, we did fill out the new unit form, plus an adult application for our new EO (the one before this one). The EO needed a background check at that time. Now, we are told they also need YPT. The EO is assigned a BSA ID number, so even though they are a free position, they must have some membership status within the organization because of that BSA ID number.

@AmandaCook - we have never submitted an adult application for the EO. All they do is sign off on the unit charter agreement. No youth contact or functionality in

They have an ID since they are in the system. They are not a member. They are the EO/IH. That is it.

It sounds like your council is requiring items beyond what is standard (which they are allowed to do). This means these questions can only be answered by them (since the answers we give are for the standard procedures).


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