Is the a way to have a "File" are for a Pack or Troop?

We currently use Scoutlander for our Packs communications, which has a place to upload files, such as, Day Camp information, Health A & B forms, Parent Handbook/Pack information. I noticed that this is not available on Scoutbook. The other feature which would be wonderful is a general “public” area, for join scouting information for Packs or Troops. Can someone please look into this?
Thank you

Terry - as enterprise document storage is expensive I am not certain that this will be made available.


Enterprise cloud storage is very expensive, especially when you do not own your own data center (BSA uses Amazon Web Services). Given the number of free cloud offerings such as Google Drive, Apple iCloud, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, etc. I doubt the BSA will add cloud storage to Scoutbook.

We recommend using one of these services for file storage and providing links to the files. You could use a unit forum to provide these links.

Terry, for any BSA form it is always better to link to so you know it is the current version. The same for any district / council form that is online.

For unit forms, I recommend setting up Google Docs / Dropbox / etc free location and set the permissions to provide access to only those who have the link.

If electronic storage isn’t an option directly would it be possible for Scoutbook to use API access to pair up with google drive, some other cloud storage, for the storage so the units could pay for storage on their own if they need it. My unit would also like to be able to track Medical forms, and clearances for members. Keeping these things attached to Scoutbook ensures they cannot be misplaced.

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What do you mean by track medical forms? The BSA does not permit electronic storage of medical forms. And Scoutbook already has a flag on the scouts’ profile pages for whether the medical form has been turned in.

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I was unaware we were not allow to keep the A/B electronically. This may be something that should be reconsidered down the road.

I doubt the BSA will allow units to retain electronic copies of health forms due to the personal information they contain and the insecurity of most electronic systems.

The only exception to the electronic storage of health forms prohibition is for National Jamboree where the BSA has a system that tightly controls access and provides audit capabilities. I suspect this system is similar to what is used in hospitals to protect electronic health records.

Frequently Asked Questions Concerning the Annual Health and Medical Record

Q. What do leaders do with the Annual Health and Medical Records they collect?

Following are some of the best practices for using and storing the records:

  • Records are NOT to be digitized, scanned, sent by email, or stored electronically by unit leaders.