My son has two scout book accounts with the same e-mail I can't invite him!


I’m the scoutmaster of my troop. Im also the admin. I’m trying to reinvite my son to connect with his scout book account, but somehow he has two accounts with the same e-mail address. I tried logging into one of them and it gave me the warning that another user is using the same e-mail address.

I tried adding another connection to his profile, (was trying to add me), but scout book said I’m already connected. So there is no more invite option…

I’m at a loss of what to do. He seems to have two BSA ID’s. Can anyone help me? Here are our ID’s

Mine is 134908345
first ID is 134908344
second ID is 140279017

@PeterVandall he does not need to be invited as he already has 2 my.scouting logins - the one attached to correct BSA # is (firstname).(lastname) and was logged in today

I would share this on creating my.scouting accounts to not make Dupes -
Myst Account Setup.pdf (223.2 KB)

Thanks for the help. He is able to log in…but still gets this warning message…Is there any way to get rid of this? Possibly delete the other account that it’s warning me about?

Also do up to date instructions exist to teach parents how to give their scout access to see their scout book account? I’ve been finding resources but they are many years old and the instructions have changed since.

I have parents asking me what to do when they are able to get into scout book, they don’t know how to connect their scout at that point.

Many thanks.



This is fixed. I have merged his 2 Scoutbook IDs and his 2 IDs. He needs to use firstname.lastname not the Google Login button to log in to Scoutbook and

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