Request to Delete/Disassociate Duplicate Scoutbook Account

Hi There - My name is Cornelius Griffin and I am the parent of a Scout. I am unable to invite my son into Scoutbook because I get the error message “It looks like Sean has already created his own Scoutbook account…” when I try to send the invite out.

The credentials for my Son’s correct & active account are:

BSA# 131514753
USERID: 7681100

We were able to find this article on the forums: How can a boy delete his wrong account in order for a parent to invite him to his correct one? - which is what led us here. If there are any additional details or information I can provide, I would be happy to - please let me know - Thank you! Yours in Scouting, Cornelius Griffin

Scout should now be able to log in using their email - or recover password with the email

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