Parent can't link to Scout

I have a parent that had an account when his son was a cub and now has rejoined after leaving scouting. At my end it looks all set but the parent cannot log into the troop scoutbook. At the parent end it still looks like the old cub account. I have tried forgot password but that did not help.

Scout = SB User ID:

Dad =Member ID

Any help would be appreciated,
Connie- Troop 32 committee chair

@ConstanceGonsalves it might be an old email as log in - - not

It says gmail when I look at his profile

@ConstanceGonsalves you can trust me - that is email in account NOT log in username

I do trust you, you have helped me out more times than I can count…lol

So what should I tell him in order to log into his sone troop account? Use the other email as a log in?

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yes - as long as he still has access - if he does not then he could not use forgot password

Thank you I will email him now. What does he need to do if he doesn’t have access to that email?

If the bot in the lower right corner of can’t reset the password, he can contact your Council who can reset it. After he has a good password and can log in, he should be able to change his ID do something else via the profile page at

@ConstanceGonsalves I think I have found multiple BSA member numbers for this parent and also more than one username. I will work on fixing.

@ConstanceGonsalves The parent should be fixed.

Please ask him to log in to his my.Scouting account and check all of his info. there. Then ask him to log in to Scoutbook. He should log in with his my.Scouting username – not an e-mail address.

The parent’s primary BSA member ID number is: 140792901

@ConstanceGonsalves I have also merged the Scout’s Scoutbook accounts.

The Scout got a new BSA member ID number, because he is currently registered under a nickname.

Thank you so much I will have him try


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Thankyou Jennifer

I have another issue - dad has 2 accounts one has his YPT training and he can access that. He cannot access the other.

Can we keep this account (name in all CAPS)
and get rid of this account

@ConstanceGonsalves I am checking.

@ConstanceGonsalves This should be fixed.

Trying to connect parent BSA # 140789479 with scout BSA # 140812344.
Cannot find the parent in scoutbook search.
Any help is appreciated. Thank you

Thank you so much for the help!

Thank you, Connie

@RajeshVenkatamaran the parent can log in and go to My Connections and “Connect to your…” in Red

Screenshot 2024-03-01 at 9.17.34 AM

Or you can talk to Council and have them establish the Connection in Registrar Tools.

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Got it, Will try that.

Thank you