Cannot Access Troop's Events Page as a Leader

When trying to access my Troop’s events page I am presented with a “NO SCOUTBOOK PLUS ACCESS” page. The error message is “It looks like you don’t have the right Scouting role to access Scoutbook Plus. Only Youth, Parents, Key 3, Key 3 delegate & Unit Advancement Chair roles have access to Scoutbook Plus.” This message is correct, I am none of these things, I’m an adult leader, but I was able to access the events page before and now I am unable to do so. Our Troop’s admins are unsure what the solution is to resolve this issue to be able to view events and RSVP. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

@BrandonM - what is your registered position in the troop


We have discovered an issue with Unit Scouter Reserve and Unit College Scouter Reserve. We have reported this to the developers. Your only option until this is fixed is to have your Charter Org Rep change your registration to Committee Member or another registered position using the Positions Manager tab of the roster page in

I will have them change me from Unit Scouter Reserve to another registered position and see if that fixes the issue, thank you!

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