Unable to add leader to recharter


I am the committee chair for two linked troops: Troops 429B & 429G of Council 023. I have two leaders from 429B that I would like to also add to 429G. However, when I go to add them as existing adult leaders, I get the following error message:

“The person should exist in the current unit roster with this Member ID”

Both adult leaders are not currently in scoutbook or the recharter for 429G. However, they are both associated with 429B. Their Member IDs are: 137086389 and 133010010

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@MartinCortez - they will need adult applications for the other unit as they are not registered there.

If it’s not mission critical that they be on the recharter with the other unit, and your unit/CO/council permits use of electronic applications, it might be faster to multiple them into T429G after recharter processes than submit the applications with recharter. You might be able to get the skinny on the most efficient way to proceed from your registrar.


Like @CharleyHamilton said, I would hold on doing it during recharter. Since recharter is almost over, don’t let this delay, and just have them apply as a “multiple” in my.scouting.org after your recharter is processed.


Sounds good. Thanks for the advice. I can definitely hold off on adding the leaders until recharter is over.


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