Leader Connection Permissions set to View Only

I’ve had two leaders in my Pack over the last few weeks say that haven’t been able to update advancement in their den. They are den admin and marked as leaders. I checked the connections in the den for that leader and they had been changed to view advancement and view profile (open blue and open green circles). For one leader I was able to click her name in the Connection Manager and reset her to Full Control for her den. For the second leader the popup is greyed out when I click his name in Connection Manager. The check boxes are checked showing he has full control, but I can’t change anything. This leader also has Pack Admin, so this is pretty confusing. His BSA ID is 12118294 for anyone that has the ability to take a look at his account. Any ideas on how to fix this? I tried removed den admin and then adding it back and that didn’t work. Thanks!

@EricFriese that BSA # has not had a registration since 12/31/20 - therefore they cannot be a Scoutbook leader. They need to register for their position

He was on our recharter so I’m not sure why that’s the case. He is someone that has had problems with multiple BSA IDs and we had them merged last year I think. Could that still be the problem?

most likely is it @EricFriese

Okay, thank you for your help!

136917811 is the one - let me fix his scoutbook

You should be able to add him now - and I set him to sync

So he still has two BSA IDs? Man we worked hard last year to get that fixed! Because he had a CBC for both it was tough. So we need to submit an app for 136917811?

The BSA is unable to retire MIDs that have a CBC attached. If someone has 2 MIDs in a council with CBCs, they will always have 2 in that council. You must be careful to always register under a single MID.

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