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Cannot add more than one K3 Delegate

I need my Assistant Scoutmasters to have access to all of these new IA2 tools since the BSA has decide to slash and burn their working Scoutbook platform. So instead of having my neighbor’s brother’s uncles goldfish groomer as being the only one who can now enter camping nights, I want to get ahead of this and make sure my unit can function when I am gone for Army training. Now, getting off my soapbox. The problem is that when I add my assistants, who are on the approved list, it says they successfully updated, but they don’t show as having those roles. Workarounds?

My understanding was that each Key 3 member can designate one Key 3 Delegate. I may be wrong about that, since we currently only have one delegate in our unit.

ETA: Help topic here:

Thanks for that, I didn’t see the 3 day wait time. I now have 4 K3 Delegates.

They are working on giving access to some other leaders in the unit (such as ASMs).

My understanding is that each unit can have up to 3 Key 3 Delegates. I not sure how you were able to designate a 4th? Or are you referring to the Unit Advancement Chair as the 4th person?

After you designate someone in one of the functional roles at my.scouting.org, they usually get updated in other applications (like IA 2.0) overnight, but sometimes it can take a few days.

I thought the same thing. I will see if it changes in a few days, but I have 4 right now

@JonathanThompson1 you might also want to see this post. Others will be gaining access rights to see full logs sooner rather than later.

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