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Who is a Key 3 delegate from this list of positions?

Previous to the IA change, our roster had the following positions:

Committee Member (X3)
Committee Chair
Assistant Scoutmaster
Executive Officer
New Member Coordinator
Chartered Organization Rep

Which of these is a Key 3 person? I need to find out who is the person with access so they can give the rest of us access.

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Chair, Unit Leader (Scoutmaster/Cubmaster/Skipper/Crew adviser), and COR are the Key 3

Any unit Key 3 (Donovan defined above) can use the Organization Security Manager at to designate up to three Key 3 Delegates. Key 3 Delegate is one of the functional roles at A Key 3 Delegate can also designate other Key 3 Delegates.

Please note that these functional roles automatically expire at the end of the unit’s expiration date. After the unit is rechartered, the functional roles have to be re-designated again.