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Trouble adding Den Leader

I’m trying to add one of our parents as a Bear Den Leader. He is currently in Scoutbook connected with his Scout. When I go to “add leader” and search for him, I get erroneous results.
When I search by name, I get an adult with the same name, but a different BSA number. When I search by correct BSA number, the result is “No record found that satisfies the search criteria.” When I search by his email address, it comes back with his Scout’s name.
We’re in the Coastal Georgia Council, and the Parent’s current BSA number is: 13568189.
If anyone has some ideas, I’d greatly appreciate the help. Thanks!
Billie Triplett

@BillieTriplett that MID has no registrations so he cannot be a leader until he fills out an Adult Application and takes YPT - I do not see a second MID for that user

@DonovanMcNeil Well, that was easy! Thanks so much!

Also, there is no Scout with the e-mail address listed on the adult’s (initials SF) account.

@edavignon Great, thanks! I’ll do some digging and see where he stands on his application and make sure his contact info is current.

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