Cannot add parent to scout

I am trying to add a parent to one of my scouts. When I search by name, I get someone from another state. When I try to add them with name/email address, I receive the following error:
Email: Only adult Scouters can be invited. A youth Scout was found with this email address in Scoutbook.

I have already reached out to the Council Office for help, but we were not able to resolve from there. Who could I contact from here with the information to see what we can do?

what is the Scouts BSA # - I imagine they have the email

The Scout’s BSA is 136580891.

and email you are trying is momosingh@ @HeatherFulton ?

That is correct @DonovanMcNeil Stops me every time. :slight_smile:

@HeatherFulton ok that is taken off the Scouts account - should be no problem now

Thank you so much @DonovanMcNeil . That worked.


lol now you just have to get parent to actually take the action

So true! But this is an active parent, so I hope it goes smoothly. It is hard to switch from a separate tracking system to Scoutbook when some scouts/parents do not have access. And this scout transferred to me from a Pack with these settings.

I am having a similar problem in my Pack. Could you help me out as well? i couldn’t figure out how to send you a PM.

@JustinKelly1 users cannot send Private messages - what is your issue?

@JustinKelly1 this is fixed - tell registrar NOT to enter parent emails for scouts in AKELA

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Will do! Thanks! ______________________

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