Cannot Add pre-paid adult to Charter for renewal

New bug found. I have a prepaid member who is within the new payment structure. This member is listed in the “Removed Members” tab. As this is an active Committee Member who will be continuing for next year, the intent is to recharter for this member. The Error presented is “Update to Prepaid or Yearly membership is not allowed” thus this member remains in the drop from charter list.
Short of submitting a new application for next year as this member is only 2 months into the annual program for them what is the action to take here, besides asking the registrar to fix this in the new year?


I suggest you ask your council for assistance. They can open a ticket with BSA IT if they are unable to resolve your issue.

@edavignon I just found a work around. I did an “Add member” using the existing information from the drop from charter (add existing member) to recreate the member. The member now shows as should be. Thanks, guess sometimes it just takes reporting then you find the solution.

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