Unable to remove member from recharter


We have a member who signed up for our pack but wants to drop out because there were no other girls her age in our Pack. I’m trying to remove her from our recharter, but it says
“Update to prepaid or yearly membership record is not allowed.”

How should I address?

Member ID – 140394957


@AntoineDunn - so the check box to the lefg of the name then the action button for manage member (i think) returns that message ?


  • select checkbox next to the member
  • Manage Members > Remove From Recharter
  • Click “Remove” in the popup dialog
  • See the error:

@AntoineDunn - i am thinking that is a call to council

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@AntoineDunn Please contact your local council.

Thank you for the feedback. Reaching out to the council!

Since she registered via beascout and has paid for the next 12 months, you can’t delete her. This is also true in my.scouting.org - you can’t remove someone who has paid from your roster (I know this because we had someone die, and we can’t remove him from the roster until his 12 month registration expires).
Does she want her money back or is she transferring to another pack?
If she is transferring, the new pack can do a transfer in through my.scouting.org.
If she wants her money back, I am not sure what you can do since that money is at National, not the council level.


I’m sorry for you loss. You can have the Council mark the individual as deceased in the member database.

Thanks. That makes sense (why didn’t we think of that?).

I reached out to my council. They told me that “we can request that [the scout] be expired and request a refund from National”. I’m pursuing this option through my council. Thank you all for your prompt advice/guidance!

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