Can't remove scout from recharter

So, I have a cub scout that had two accounts made for him. One by his parent who didn’t think it went through, and reached out to council and council created one for him (meanwhile the other one processed). No big deal- ended membership for the council created one in SB and went along my merry way.

However, both accounts are showing up in my recharter, as well as two accounts for Mom who is the Adult Lion Parent. I tried to remove the council created one but I can’t because it has a pre-paid status (all four accounts have this). The exact error message is: “Update to prepaid member record not allowed.” I reached out to our council, as we did offer complimentary memberships this fall (called Scout365), thinking it was a setting from them. The response I got was:
“found out that there is not a way to apply the prepaid status to all the other Scout365 youth on the Pack’s roster. XXXX’s is exceptional. Boss is not sure why he has a prepaid status assigned to him because it has not happened for any other Scouts that are 365. There is also no known way to remove this status from him.”

The BSA number for mom (which is the same for both her accounts is: 14660195. Lion Cubsout BSA number that is council created is: 14869801.

So based on this I just have to recharter the duplicates? Any ideas on how to fix this? I can’t believe that there is just no way. Thank you for any assistance you can provide!

I don’t know if this would work or not, but try asking your council Registrar to use their Registrar tools to end the registration on one of them.

I would like to think they would have tried that, but you never know, so I can inquire tomorrow! Thanks!

Still hitting roadblocks, can we merge the two accounts?
BSA 14869801, needs to be merged with BSA 14869751 (so that BSA 14869751 is the only one that remains).

@KristinReichert You can’t drop either one? They both show as expiring 2/28.

Yeah I would say go into the 60 day grace period (3/1) and try - but they may be in grace period also

Nope, when I try to drop them out of the recharter it tells me: Update to prepaid member record not allowed.

I was really hoping to submit my recharter on time and not go into the grace period. Everything else is in order and ready to go, except for this duplicate account. :frowning:

@KristinReichert I have reported this to the developers.

They are expiring because that is when we recharter. I literally can’t do anything with them, which is why I figured next best idea would be to merge the accounts and then I am down to one. :slight_smile:

@KristinReichert We have asked the developers to take a look at your issue.