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Cannot add Scout to Activity Logs

I have posted about this problem before but each time the discussion has been closed with the problem unresolved.

I have a new Scout transferred into our Troop on August 14 from a Cub Scout Pack. While he appears in our roster in my.Scouting.org and Scoutbook, in IA2, his name is shaded out and there is a yellow triangle beside his name. I have checked with the Council registrar and she says he is only a member of our Troop and that his membership in the Pack was terminated when he was transferred to our Troop.

We are not able to add him to any of the Troop activities he participates in. However, we can post his advancements in Scoutbook so this seems to be an IA2 issue.

This is frustrating the parents, who want to know why their son isn’t getting credit.

Chuck Olson
Troop 463

Please do not post scout names and BSA #s - this has been reported to developers and they are investigating. What I would advise is talk to council and make sure the Cub membership was ended by them and not left hanging


The only way I could capture the message I’m getting was with a screen shot. I’m afraid I do not know how to redact the other names and BSA #'s from a screen shot.

I have spoken to our Council registrars (by phone, by email and in person) and they have repeatedly assured me that the Cub Scout membership was ended.

However, I just noticed on his SC membership page that they started this Scout’s membership in the Troop 4 days before they ended his membership in the Pack. Could this be causing the problem? I edited the Pack membership ended date so that it is the same date as his membership start date in the Troop. Do you think that might make a difference?

By the way, I am still curious why you asked me if I used to be registered in another Council.


Old membership in another council I saw - yah why don’t you change the end date on cubs to a day before Scout membership - give it 24 hrs and see if anything changes


BSA didn’t use computers when I started back as an adult leader and I haven’t switched Council’s since long before 1987. LOL. There are other Charles Olsons, including one with the same middle initial as mine who also happens to be a lawyer, lived in the same town as I and used the same dry cleaner. That used to cause all kinds of fun - he bought better suits than I could afford on a government salary!

Have changed the date as you suggested. As the Zen master said, “we’ll see.” I’ll let you know if that works.

Have a good week and keep up the good work.


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Well you can feel special - yours is the only single registration we see doing this - LOL

Oh joy! That makes my Troop feel special.

I saw a post by another user who is having the same issue so I know longer feel that special. :-{