Scout from my Girls Troop now showing in a different Boys Troop

One of the Scouts in Girls Troop 844 is now showing up as being a member of Boys Troop 844. I have no idea how this happened, there is nothing that shows in the Audit log, and I don’t know how to get her back, since I have no authority in Troop 842. I’m guessing that someone learning Scoutbook did something to cause this, but I am stunned that the software would allow this to happen. How can I get it fixed?

Sorry, I meant Boys Troop 842

Is this a new Scout? Could council have entered it wrong?

If you can see the membership page for this Scout, look at her membership for Troop 842. If this was added by Member Update there will be a comment in the notes field about Akela sync.

Does the Scout appear on your roster in Member Manager at If not, you will need to contact your council to have her record corrected there. The day after the roster is fixed, she will be moved in Scoutbook.

If you are still connected [check My Dashboard > Administration > My Account > My Connections], you can click on the scout, then click on her membership tab. Click on her active membership to examine the notes field to determine if this was an automatic Member Update from the My.Scouting roster.

If yes, then, like @edavignon said above, contact your council registrar to fix the My.Scouting roster.

If no, then someone did a manual transfer. I suggest talking to all folks that have full control of the scout; start with her parents and leaders in Troop 842 B.

Either way, if you have full control, you can restore her to Troop 844 G by removing the end date of that membership.

After you have her back in your troop, you can clean up the membership error by deleting it.

Side note - I believe Scoutbook allows Scouts BSA to have multiple active memberships; therefore, you can add or restore a membership before ending or deleting the active membership. However, Scoutbook may allow only one active membership for Cub Scouts; if so, you must end or delete the active membership before adding or restoring a different membership.

Thank you! Her membership in T844 G is marked as “DateEnded set by AkelaSBDeltaSync as Expired with Lapse”, and her membership in T842 B is “AkelaSBDeltaSyncInsert”, although she does not show up in either Troop in Member Manager. Apparently we need to have a discussion with Council about what happened, but I have her back in our Troop in Scoutbook.

I am very certain (but could be wrong) that AkelaSBDeltaSync is code for “council”.

AkelaSBDeltaSync means that she was automatically removed as part of the Member Update, because she was not on your official unit roster (Member Manager at You will need to talk to your council to get her put back on your roster.