Cannot connect Den Leader to new Scouts

I have two new Wolf Scouts in our den. I cannot connect our Wolf Den Leader to them.

I search Scoutbook by name and by email address, and it says that the leader can’t be found. (“No record found that satisfies the search criteria.”)

If I search for someone else, say, our Webelos Den Leader, they pop up. So it’s something about this particular den leader.

I’ve tried multiple times, tried the “wait a day and see if it resolves itself overnight” trick (which usually works for most things) and nothing. I’ve tried typing in the name or the email address manually, and I’ve tried copy/pasting just to make 100% sure I’m not making a typo.

I haven’t added anybody to this particular den in a long time, so no way of knowing when the problem started.

Any ideas?

Post the leaders BSA # @ElizabethPrice

If the Den Leader is on your roster, go to Roster → Connection Manager and click the intersection of the Den Leader and Scout then select the desired connection.

Making Den Leader Den Admin is also the easiest way

The Den Leader is already the Den Admin for the Den in question.

BSA Member ID

Thank you! That worked. :slight_smile: I didn’t know about that window.

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