Leader Connections missing

Several of our leader connections disappeared in Scoutbook. I’ve added most back. But I can’t seem to add one leader back. She is currently operating as Webelo and Tiger Den leader. When I try to add her as Tiger Den leader I get an error message that says:

Den: Please select a den for position #1. You may need to create the den first from the pack page if it is not showing.

BSA member ID: 134907266

I’m in the Tiger den and clicked “add leader” so I don’t understand the problem.

Did you choose Den Leader? or Tiger Den Leader?

@KarenGraves1 user has the position but it is not assigned to a den - a Unit Admin can do that

Thanks. That worked. Any clue why random leaders go wiped from their den connection?

In this case it has to do with how this Den Leader is registered. She was registered in 21, 22 and 23 as a Den Leader which is the position for Lion, Wolf and Bear den leaders. Tiger and Webelos Den Leaders have the registered position of Tiger and Webelos Den Leader respectively.

Because she was registered incorrectly when she was a Webelos Den Leader, when the system updated her positions in Scoutbook, it ended the incorrect positions.

I’m unable to search for existing parents that were entered into the system to created parent connections for Scouts. Is the Search function broken? I have a parent with a scout already in scouting, but when I search for the parent’s ID, or name, or email, or all three together using either MBC or not (I’ve tried all combinations), the search function isn’t finding them. We’ve had multiple problems with duplicate profiles being created during our registration process. Is that because there’s not a way for existing members to be searched for?

Yes, I think non-scouter searching is currently broken. Is the other scout in your unit? If so. a Unit Admin should be able to connect the scout’s parent to the scout using Connections Manager. There’s a thread about this here somewhere…

ETA: This is one with a couple of alternative approaches to getting the parent connected: Parent not appearing in connection search - #2 by DonovanMcNeil

Thank you, was able to get it fixed using the Connections Manager. But that explains why we have so many parents and leaders with duplicate profiles causing problems. Hoping the search function gets fixed soon.