Cannot find record from scout's previous council

We have a scout that transferred to our pack at the beginning of the school year from a different council. We have been trying with no success to locate his previous records. At this point all that is visible in Scoutbook are his current year Webelos advancements as entered by our pack. We can’t find his Wolf and Bear awards from the previous council, although his mom has a printout of everything he earned. We’ve reached out to both his previous council and our current council with no luck so far. Now that I know this forum exists, I am hoping someone can help us locate them.

The printout from their previous council lists the number 135891289 at the top–I’m guessing that is a BSA member number? His current BSA member number with our pack is 14001460. Is there any chance these are duplicate accounts can be merged? Or is there some other solution so we can see all his advancements recorded online?

@ChristinaMacDonald1 this is fixed

Oh my goodness, this is amazing!! Thank you so much. I cannot believe how quickly you were able to sort this out!

We still do have one issue—I immediately forwarded a screen shot of all his Bear/Wolf/Webelos achievements to his mom and she realized that he is still not credited for his Tiger accomplishments, AND that those don’t show up on her printout from the previous pack that lists Bear/Wolf. However, she still does have all the Tiger pocket cards and sent me a photo of them as proof.

Is there a way to enter his Tiger achievements this far after the fact?

Just enter them under advancements

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