Cannot get youth to appear in troop scoutbook

MID 140379395

He shows in unit in VST. Does not show in unit. I am connected to him and when I go to his membership page I see current troop membership but cannot click into i

The Scouts Cub is set to Current=Yes - council needs to make set to Current=No or send in National Ticket

I cannot find a spot to do that in registrar tools. Spoke to someone at member care and they were not sure where that tag is.

I tried a sync on some scouts like this today to see if that gets around it

@RonFedele youre not seeing an active Cub Scout Pack membership in Akela?

Yeah I talked to my Registrar trying to guess where it was in RT she had one idea but it was different wording

he popped in today so whaever it was seems to be fixed