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Had a scout connected to unit for years no problem. All of a sudden disappears. I see him in VST fine he is a UP as of 1/1/2021. He shows in proper unit. If I look for him in SB it shows as no Council and I cannot access him. When he logs into his account and go to profile page council and district are correct.

MID 126932327


I set a sync for the scout

Thank you sir. Any idea what causes that?

no you should be able to fix it under Edit Profile

I had him go to his profile and it shows his council and district correctly!

Ron, if all Scoutbook memberships are ended, VST will show no council. I’ve requested that this be fixed.

@GaryFeutz you are the VST God - I was scratching my head on it - not being able to see it

I think that may be it I think they ended the one existing membership and then added the new one

@DonovanMcNeil @GaryFeutz

I don’t know if this is related or not. I have a number of MBC who show up on the council detail report change email. They seem to have a valid email not shared to any other account. When I look them up in VST I get

all the crossed out sections are duplicates as well. the email shows the persons email in both spots


He reappeared leader attempted to do something with him and he disappeared. Still shows no council in VST

Ron - which report had the changeyouremail, and how did you search in VST? By name, SB ID, BSA ID?

FYI - This user had a SB acct with changeyouremail in it that was merged away on 5/4/21

Bill did something with this yesyerday

@RonFedele Not sure if this is related or not, but your Scout / Unit Participant with BSA MID 126932327 is showing up as adult = yes.

OK 2 questions how does that happen and how can we fix it

We are having to escalate this one.

I have noticed searching Scoutbook by name, that frequently I find two listings for a person, one with my council, and the other with “No council”. Of course I cannot open/look at the No council entry, but from the find user selection screen, the two entries appear identical, except for the Council field.

Any ideas on how these duplicate “No council” ScoutBook entries are created? And how can we merge them?


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