Cannot give login access to scout

My son needs login access with his gmail account. His BSA ID is 133494141.
I followed the instructions mentioned here: How Do I Give My Scout Access to Their Account? - Scoutbook Knowledge Base

but do not see the option at the bottom of the page to allow him to access.

Please help.

@RiazUddin an email was already applied to the account - might have come from registration - I cleared the email - try the process again

Hi Donovan, thank you for the response. I still do not see the option to allow the scout to login.

On clicking Edit Profile, the Internet Advancement page loads:
Inline image

From there I click on Scout Info on the right side. Inline image

That takes me to the page with 3 sections: Personal Information, Address Information, Contact Information
Inline image

Inline image

Inline image

Also, the address on my profile is correct, but when I navigate to my profile from scout’s connections page, there I see my old address. It won’t let me edit there. How can I fix this?


go to Edit Extended Info - it is at bottom of that page

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These are the only options I see


See tonight’s change log

Still don’t see a way to invite scout to login.

There isn’t a way. It is broken.

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@RiazUddin Please go to my.scouting and help your Scout create an account there.

Be sure to use his full first name and last name – not a nickname. The account creation process should try to match up with his already existing BSA member number (133494141).

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