Cannot load Activity Log for any scout

I’m getting a blank page whenever I try an activity log. eg: Internet Advancement

Is this a known issue?

@ChrisYeoh loads fine for me - try holding down SHIFT while you refresh the page

I am seeing the same issue when trying to print an activity report. It comes up as a blank screen below the that separates the date range selection.

I see only the adults in activity log. First observation was yesterday (10/16/22) evening after adding attendees to service project. Not specific to that activity. Running across several years of activity only shows adults. If “Include Adults” is unchecked, then the report is empty.

Confirmed in two other units. I only get the adults if “show adults” is checked, and nothing if is not.

I have reported this bug to the developers.

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Same thing for the Cub Scout Recognition Report.

The issue appears to have been resolved. My report now runs correctly showing Scouts and Adults.