Cannot log into Scoutbook

Hello. My problem is eerily similar to other posts.

I cannot login to Scoutbook. I’ve logged in in the past. However, since last week I’m not able to login from from either of my laptops or from my phone. I’ve tried incognito mode as well. It just sits there, spinning and spinning, taunting me almost.

A few things happened last week that might be the cause of this:

  1. I recently joined an additional unit in a different council, so I have multiple membership IDs. I went into and set my previous ID as my primary (or default?) ID.
  2. Unrelated, (I’m a scoutmaster) Before I couldn’t login, I saw that I was not listed as being connected to a scout that was recently moved into his own patrol and I saw that his patrol had no adult leader assigned. So I assigned myself to it. I then received an invitation email from Scoutbook asking to create an account with the same email address as I’ve always used. It was shortly afterwards that I lost the ability to login.

Please help.


@DavidYasko is your Washington Crossing MID Primary?

The Garden State MID took over your SB User - so that MID would need to be primary - 137303946 – @DavidYasko

@DavidYasko I made GSC one Primary - try logging into SB now - lets get you connected again then we can clean it up how you want it

Hi. Thanks for the quick response. Yes, WCC is my primary. However, you say GSC has to be my primary. I’m a Scoutmaster in WCC, and only an Associate Advisor in GSC. What will having GSC as my primary affect?

Which ever one is primary is what you log into for Scoutbook and - so we probably need to switch MIDs in SB

In GSC they have you as a MATE in a Ship not an Associate Advisor

Scoutbook does not care what MID it has other than it has to be primary in manage MID to get to it. As long as it is a registered MID in the Scoutbook account it is good to go

I just started the training and see that now. Our ship had its first meeting last night, mostly a recruitment event, and I was appointed the ship’s Gilligan (my ASM and prior SM is the Skipper). This is all new to me, and I’m so looking forward to it.

I was able to login to SB and see all my units, so I think I’m good. Thanks for the speedy response!


you will just have to remember - for troop if you need a MYST (my.scouting tool) you will have to switch MID to primary

@DavidYasko - how are the WCC owls doing ?

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