Login not showing correct links for my admin account

I am a Troop admin on SB and a Key 3 delegate. For some reason when I log into Scoutbook it now only shows my info and no longer allows me to see the troop SB account. I can access my.scouting info fine but nothing on SB itself.

@SteveMacCall-Carter not sure what happened but a new user was made 2 days ago - it is fixed now

Thank you! all good! A couple days ago there were other issues with my my.scouting login not allowing for access probably all linked.

Well 2/2/24 your MID was changed in Manage MID (my.scouting.org) to an old MID - on 2/8 it was changed back and that is when this blank account was created - trying to figure out what happened

Your council level membership in Chester County caused this

Ahhh thank you. The problem comes from them not being able to see my YPT info due to there not being a single membership number for multiples. I have to go into my account and switch my primary every year to update them.

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