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Cannot re-add Lion Guide to Scoutbook, not even through recharter

During a training in scoutbook we tried to given our Lion Guide full control over her den. When we saved it, it erased her from the role. We cannot reverse it. It only shows her as a Lions Parent now. I tried to add her a few business days after it happened to think that would be a fix, nope. I can’t add her by none of the available info you search by. I reached out to council and they see here in the national database as a registered member of our Pack, in good standing with YPT. Council told me that she isn’t listed as a Lions Guide even though she was since she came on board in the fall. They said she is a Lion partner and adjust her for recharter to a Lions Guide and it will be fixed. Nope, I tried to edit that feature in recharter and it won’t allow me. Anyone else have an issue like this, thanks.

it sounds like she is Not registered - what is the BSA #?

Hi Donovan the number I was given is 137357016. Thank you

@WalterKukawski that is a Lion Parent - they need to fill out adult application. Has training. But I see no other users by that name

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Thanks Donovan. I will reach out to her tomorrow during our committee meeting. Appreciate the help!

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