Report progress-Advancement option missing

I am trying to record the advancements for our pack but the option for advancements is missing. I only see an option to record hiking, sevice and camping. Anyone else with this same problem? What do I do?

Have you tried a hard refresh (e.g. Ctrl + reload) of IA2? I often find that, after an update to IA2, things are broken for me until I force a reload of the whole thing. I suspect it’s caching information on the local machine that becomes out of date as a result of the updates.

@BrianaPollard You probably do not have the permissions that you need in order to record advancements.

It looks like you are registered as a Committee Member. Ask one of your pack’s Key 3 (Cubmaster, Committee Chair, or Chartered Org. Rep.) or a Key 3 Delegate to log in at my.scouting and use the Position Manager to add you as Unit Advancement Chair or as a Key 3 Delegate. The next day you will be able to record advancements at Internet Advancement.

thank you! Our Cubmaster added me as the Unit Advancement Chair last night and removed our previous one. However It still is not allowing me to record advancements. How long does it usually take for it to be updated?

Thank you,

it takes about 24 hours