No option to record advancement/adventures

As the Den Leader, I’m not seeing the option to record advancements/adventures under Record Progress for the Pack as I do for the Troop. Help?

@AmandaColtes-Rojas - I do not think den leaders have that access in IA. As a den leader you would be better served by being in

There is information about access/abilities in IA based on role here: Introduction to Internet Advancement (IA) | Scoutbook Knowledge Base

It looks like DL can only record activities, not advancement, as @Stephen_Hornak noted. What role do you hold in the troop? That is likely the difference.

We recently changed units and I am still a den leader. However I am unable to record activities/adventures in scout book like I did with our previous unit. I was originally added as a den admin and they corrected that to den leader, but it seems to be stuck in pending. Any help or advice?

@MichelleStueve It looks like a new Scoutbook account was created for you about 5 days ago using the same e-mail address instead of connecting to your already existing Scoutbook account.

If you are a Den Leader, then you should also be a Den Admin in Scoutbook. Being a Den Admin gives you access to the den calendar.

I will start working on merging your accounts. If you are currently logged in to Scoutbook, please log off.

@MichelleStueve Your Scoutbook accounts have been merged.

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