Cannot remove a parent from my Son's account

There is no way to remove a parent from my son’s account, a different adult was accidentally assigned years ago, but it hasn’t been an issue because they aren’t affiliated with scouts and don’t even sign in anymore. My wife is currently my son’s den leader so has access for now, but with him moving into AOL next year she won’t unless this is fixed.

@AaronHeims Council can remove the wrong parent using the VST

If your wife is currently your son’s den leader, then she should be able to go to his [Scout]'s Connections page in Scoutbook, and update her connection type there to “Parent / Guardian”.

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Something else you could try:

In Scoutbook, go to your [Scout]'s Connections page.
Click on the red “Clean Old Connections” button.

That should remove any old connections. This other adult does not appear to be connected to your child as a parent / guardian, so “Clean Old Connections” should remove this person.

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