Cannot Run Activity Reports

In Troop 156, I have full access to the entire troop and have been receiving an error message when I run the activity report.

We have Family Award night coming up in 2 weeks and no one that knows how to run and read those reports except me. I have already walked our advancement chair through running the report, she does not want print do to the length. This has been an on going problem with no solution. Please advise on who I need to call to fix this. I am not fond of parents contacting me late at night about their scouts hours.


@RebecaIbarra you need to be a Key 3 or Key 3 delegate to run reports in IA currently

@DonovanMcNeil When did this change? I have been running those reports for years, since the Scout Master gave me full control. Our Advancement Chair is not key 3 and ran the report with full control as well. She just in her 80’s, hates scoutbook and doesn’t know how to read the reports. Which is how it became my job.

When it switched to Internet Advancement - it pulls roles from AKELA or Membership Database right now

@DonovanMcNeil so if I am under standing correctly, the scout master has to call National to put me as a delegate in IA?

No? a key 3 goes to > clicks Roster > click Position Manager > goes to Functional role area.

@DonovanMcNeil Sweet Thank youl

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