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Cannot see all information for Scout/Venturer registered in multiple councils

I have a Scout registered in one council that is multiple registered as a Venturer in a different council. This means that the scout has 2 BSA Member ID Numbers. This also means that the advancement/award information is stored in 2 different places (separate member ID numbers). I was told that my scout needs to make 2 scoutbook accounts. This doesn’t make sense. Has anyone else had to deal with this?

What you were told is correct. Unfortunately the architecture of ScoutNet prevents Scouts and leaders from having a single BSA Member ID that spans multiple councils. Since Scoutbook needs to sync with ScoutNet it can only support one BSA member ID per account.

The scout will technically be treated like a separate person in each council, but you can add an additional membership to one or the other. I’d decide which one is primary and add a membership to the other unit on that account. Then, the non-primary one will see two versions of the scout. It’s up to you whether the non-primary needs any awards recorded in it or not. You may even want to add a nickname to the non-primary scout to avoid confusion.

The affect of doing this is one account gets all advancement and the other is ignored. Considerations:

  1. This is easiest for the scout. Effectively one account for everything.
  2. The units will have to coordinate which one will buy and award which awards. Simple if the scout does not do Scout BSA stuff w/ the crew, but they could.
  3. If advancement is not recorded for both id#'s, then JTE for unit/district/council is off by a fraction. The advancement chair for the unit w/ the ignored account could enter rank when it is earned, as awarded, and ignore all the underlying requirements.

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