Scout listed in IA but not SB

Our Council can see the scout but do not know why she’s not in Scoutbook.

BSA ID 14140963

@MarkEhlinger this scout is dual registered in 2 councils so has 2 MIDs - Scoutbook only allows one MID so this account has the 3 Harbors Council - the only workable solution for units is for council to modify the name (like adding middle name to first name in one council) then there would be 2 separate SB Accounts that would not be in sync.

She was in Scoutbook a few weeks ago and disappeared.
Why would she need 2 SB accounts? How do they get sync’d for advancement?
If this is the problem, why is she listed in our roster on

Is she registered in your unit? does she attend? I do not understand the last part of your question.

What happens is with recharters and things the system starts moving the scouts to their other unit when a change is made.

The reason she would need 2 Scoutbook accounts is because Scoutbook only supports one BSA member ID number (MID) at a time. There is also an automated membership update that will end her membership in Scoutbook if it does not match her registration that goes with her BSA MID.

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She was in Scoutbook and now she’s not. What changed?
Obviously, she had an MID that worked for both untiil a few weeks ago.
She is registered in our troop. That is why she’s on our roster in IA.

Are you folks saying that Scouts can’t be multiple registered between Councils without having 2 Scoutbook accounts that don’t sync for advancements?

Yes she is registered in our troop. I can see her on the roster in IA (

Every Council has their own set of BSA #s or MIDs - Scoutbook only supports one MID per user. It is unfortunately an OLD BSA system that we are continually fighting against

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You can’t say it’s an old problem because she was in Scoutbook, showing membership in both troops, until a few weeks ago.
Then she disappeared from Scoutbook.

Except that it actually is a long-extant system limitation, which causes problems.

Yes. Intrinsically, as @DonovanMcNeil and @JenniferOlinger noted, different councils have non-overlapping tranches of BSA IDs. This is leftover from the old paper days, when it prevented two people from accidentally ending up with the same ID number. Scoutbook was not architected to accommodate more than one BSA for an individual, so it’s either separate Scoutbook accounts, or constantly having problems.

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But she was there for over 2 years. Why did she disappear now?

The automated system has gotten more effective at catching conflicts over time.
Originally, as long as one was registered at all, the automated system largely ignored the conflict. As tighter controls were implemented, the system caught more and more of the conflicts. Odds are that one or the other of the units had to keep re-adding a membership every time the automated system caught the conflict.

We had the same problem with a scout who was dual registered out of council, until they dropped the other unit.

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