Multiple BSA ID's in two councils and info not showing in Scoutbook

I have two BSA ID’s as I am registered in Sam Houston Area Council (BSA 122239336 SB ID 12439527) and Bay Area Council (BSA 136678168 SB ID 11523641). My Bay Area Council is listed as my primary ID. I used to be able to see everything under my Scoutbook login, but now I am getting a note when I login that two users are using my email, and I now have 2 Scoutbook ID’s. All of my old roles at the Troop and District for Merit Badge were shown as ended and I can no longer do anything for the Troop on Scoutbook. On the Troop site, I still show up as an ASM and under SHAC show up as Merit Badge Counselor, but cannot access this under my Scoutbook account, or perform any tasks at the Troop level.

I did not previously have two SB ID’s. I wonder if this is the issue


Each time you move to a new Council you get a new BSA Member ID. Are you still active in both Councils or only one? Once we know the answer to this question we can tell you the best way to proceed.

I am still active in both councils and have been for several years. We have had Scoutbook issues the entire time, but something changed this year that separates the two in Scoutbook.


Scoutbook only supports one MID. You have several options:

  1. Use 2 Scoutbook accounts, one for each MID. In this case you could either switch the primary MID in each time you want to log in to the “other” SB account or create a unique ID for each MID, having the other MID listed as secondary on each account.
  2. We merge the SB accounts and you always log in to it by ensuring the MID that is primary is the one on the SB account.

Keep in mind, with 2, every time one of the councils touches your record, the system will probably switch the MID on your SB account and either the SUAC or Council will need to switch it back.

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