Cannot see Scout Connections link


I cannot see the link to a Scout’s Connections in the scout profile page. Nor is there a link when I hover over the parent’s name. I need to see this so I can confirm the parent’s email address. I am a Pack admin and have done this before . . . just not working now. Screenshot attached.

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The BSA Member ID on your Scoutbook account is not a registered leader, thus your lack of access.

I found a 2nd BSA Member ID for you which is registered as a Tiger Den Leader. I have put this MID on your Scoutbook account and ID.

The next time you log in to Scoutbook you should see the data you are looking for.

Hi Ed,

I can’t imagine that would be the cause. I have been a registered leader for years and this problem just started today. I did have multiple BSA IDs (3, actually) that were problematic a year ago, but I thought they had been merged.

Anyway, I still cannot see connections for any scouts. On investigating a little closer, I think this may be related to my permissions, which I don’t know how to change (despite theoretically having admin rights). Please see attached picture. The bottom scout is my own, for which I have “full control.” This is not the case for the other scouts, but it should be.



Hi Stephen,

Yes it’s a new scout, but I have a similar problem for all scouts except my own. I tried checking the box as you suggested (for all my positions), no change. Also, I’m not clear why this would be necessary, as all I did prior to this issue was to move the scout into a Den.



The problem is something in the system switched your Scoutbook account from the MID registered only as a Tiger Adult Parent with the MID where you are registered as a Den Leader. The developers are aware of this issue and are working to determine what is causing it. You are not alone in seeing this problem.

I suggest you go to your Pack roster, click on your name then click on your Pack Admin role. Click SAVE without doing anything else. This sometimes fixes the issue you are seeing with connections. If this does not fix the problem, as another Pack Admin to do the same thing.

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