Connections Manager Bug - Options Grayed Out

I’m having trouble granting access to certain den leaders to edit advancements and/or give them full control for scouts. When I edit the leader on their profile, SB acts like it will allow me to change their access, but it doesn’t actually save. In the Connections Manager, all roles for these individuals are grayed out.

I see some older posts identifying this same issue and it was replied that it was a bug being worked on, but those are nearly a year old. I’ve been a Committee Chair for several years and have not run into this before.


Can you confirm that they appear as registered leaders in your in my.scouting (not Scoutbook) roster?

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@LukeNuber When you check your roster at my.scouting, please keep in mind that Lion and Tiger Adult Partners are not considered registered adult leaders (because no YPT, no criminal background check, not approved by Chartered Org. Rep., etc.).

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Yes, looks fine there. On the roster as an Assistant Den Leader in my.scouting and YPT is valid. He was able to add advancements until very recently and something changed (not that we did, that I’m aware of).

Please post his BSA ID (not name).

BSA member number might have gotten switched. If you post the BSA number that you see at my.scouting, we can take a look.

Here’s the number: 132335963

@LukeNuber That leader had 2 BSA member numbers, and the wrong one was set as “primary”.

I found another adult with initials D.C. who is registered only as a Tiger Adult Partner. You will want to get him registered as an adult leader.

I’m not sure I follow. The individual in our pack is NOT the one with initials DC and is NOT a Tiger Adult Partner. If he ever was one, it would have been many years ago with an older child, but his current son started as a Wolf so he was not even registered as a Tiger Adult Partner in the last 5+ years, if ever. His initials are AH and we do already have him registered as an adult leader. Not sure what else I can do on my end?

I already fixed BSA member number 132335963. He has 2 BSA member numbers, and they were switched.

You have another adult on your Scoutbook roster with initials D.C. who is only registered as a Tiger Adult Partner. That is the adult you will need to follow up on and get registered.

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Ok, 2 questions:

I am still unable to change the permissions for AH at this time. Should that be fixed now, or is the issue with DC somehow impacting AH?

Regarding DC, I see the issue you are raising. We have him listed as Tiger Den Leader and Assistant Cubmaster in Scoutbook, but I reviewed our recharter paperwork and see where those roles were omitted, so I think that’s the root cause there. What I’m not seeing is how to fix the issue. I can get into his profile in my.scouting and see his role as Tiger Adult Partner there, but it won’t let me edit that field to add the additional roles, nor can I add leaders in my Position Manager screen. I can only move around leaders I already have in there. Is that something that I need to reach out to our district office to get corrected?

DC will need to complete Youth Protection Training, and submit an adult application with Criminal Background Check authorization form to register as an Assistant Cubmaster. You can’t simply add him without an application.

That’s all been done - something got “erased” or otherwise disconnected in the system. He was set on all of that stuff going into recharter, but it seems that leaving him off the list there has wiped that all out. I’m just not sure how best to get it all reconnected?


Contact your Council Registrar.

Will do.

What about AH (this is actually who I reached out about to begin with)? I still can’t change his permissions in Scoutbook, and he is fully registered as an Assistant Den Leader.



AH is a Pack Admin so should have full control connections to all Scouts in the pack. Are there Scouts where he does not have full control? If so, please provide some MIDs and I will have the developers investigate.

Yes, seems to be ALL scouts in the pack, and I can’t change his permissions for some reason (if you go back up to the start of the thread there’s a screenshot of what I get when I try to change his). Looks like he’s got ‘View Advancement’ and ‘View Profile’ for all the scouts in the pack, but that’s all.

Here’s a couple of scouts from his den to look at 137349109, 137316691, 137403088 and one outside his den 135421807.

You can’t change his permissions from Full Control because he is a pack admin. Pack admins have non-revokable full control connections to all Scouts in the unit. If he should not be a pack admin, you can put an end date on his pack admin role then you will be able to change his connections.

If you are trying to give AH full control of all scouts (and some aren’t set that way), go into AH’s pack admin role and click update. That sometimes resets it.

@jacobfetzer That did it!! You win the prize!! Thanks!